Antique English printed stoneware

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Still trying to figure out why
we are so crazy
for these 
little printed
English stoneware 
pots and crocks.

I think
that it probably 
has something to do
with a love for 
the printed word, fonts,
and artful lettering.

These little beauties date back to a time
before there were paper labels.

And though some of them
are printed by transfering
a tissue with wet ink
that had been stamped 
using a copperplate 
(started during the 1820's through the start of WWI),
others even 
have their lettering 
impressed into the stoneware
before it was glazed and fired.

So if you are out shopping
and you run across one of these items --
 be sure to run your fingers
over the printed letters
to determine if they are old
if they are 
really old!


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