Tick tick... it's almost time for the Junk Bonanza!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's almost time
for the Junk Bonanza
in Shakopee, Minnesota!

We will be making the trek.
Will you?

Here are some pics from last year!

Waiting in line first thing in the morning for the Early Bird admittance. Let us in!

The tail end of Junk BonanZA !!!

Owl see you there, ok?

Make sure you get your copy of FMS!

Rolling, rolling, rolling.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Credit: deardaisycottage.typepad.com

It's summertime
and everyone has brought their
garden's flowers inside
and made a bouquet or two, right?

But how many of you
have a bouquet
of rolling pins?

Oh, the stories
they could tell...
the kitchens they've been in...
the pies they've made!

Gives all new meaning
to the phrase
"rollin' in the dough",

Credit: mysanantonio.com

Credit: teenytinycabin.blogspot.com

Credit: www.keepsake-corner.com/category.aspx?id=Kitchenware)

Love all the colors
and shapes of the handles.

Do you have a collection
of vintage kitchen utensils too?

Up close and personal at the shop

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stop by Blue Cardinal soon
and see what's new!

Here are some shots taken
this week in the booth....
up close and personal.

Lots of new items.
Come and see what
we have for your home!

Vintage ball and bat carrer from the Milwaukee Brewers team.

Striped vintage glass and pitcher set.

Knights of the Templar masonic worshipful master's cap.

Vintage parking meter art pieces.

Cameos in frames on velvet.

Stacks of white ironstone. Porcelain tureen pairs.

Stacks of antique and vintage trunks and suitcases!

Many tin toys.

Cherubs, bust,s and marble figurines.

Croquet sets, vintage toys and games.

Vintage beer label covered table for your bar!

Vintage soda and milk bottles, crates and carriers.

Antique horse shoe toss game.

Lots of piggy cutting boards of all shapes and personalities.

Antique carved wooden letters.

Vintage barkcloth and galvanized milk delivery box.

White soup bowls and serving plates, bottle drying rack.

Loads of plaid items to include vintage camping gear.

Antique embossers and vintage books for your library shelves.

Vintage chairs of all shapes and sizes.

Old adding machine.

Old bowling pins.

Vintage poker chip sets, large and small.

Charming vintage canister set.

Assortment of mirrors in all shapes and sizes and finishes.

Chippy mirror made from a large shutter window frame and wicker side chairs in various colors.

Close-up of vanity. There are many large pieces of furniture that ust arrived at the shop!

Re-purposed chalkboard globes on vintage lamp bases.

Brown transferware, red transferware and lots of vintage bottles and vases.

Handmade pillow with vintage charm pieces for embellishment.

Come in soon
there's no time like the present!