Oh, the places you'll go!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

There are so many wonderful travel-related items that one can collect.

When I first met Jenn, I was awestruck at the amount of old globes she had collected through the years. Not only are the oceans of blue colors fantastic, but the vast array of shapes and sizes, and decorative bases make each one a unique sculpture. Have you seen vintage black globes or globe lamps or globe-shaped radios?

Globes are great. Here is a wonderful use of an old broken globe, re-purposed as two bowls.
(This photo is from Katywhumpus.blogspot.com) How clever to decoupage the inside of each bowl with more colorful vintage maps. Notice the clear glass marbles used on the base to keep the bowls from tipping. Brilliant!

I like to collect travel items too, but my passion is for old leather trunks and suitcases that have been covered in colorful graphic stickers from the places that the owner had traveled. I have two in my "new" collection that I cannot part with, but wanted to share with you.

I love the fact that every single label must have held many great memories for that traveler. Doesn't it make you wonder who they were and how wonderful it must have been to live a life where they were able to afford a vacation in far away places? Especially during a time when only books or radio shows told the stories of distant lands .... a time when the touch of a computer button or TV knob was never even imagined?

That great Dr. Suess book's story lines keep creeping into my mind .... "oh, the places you'll go and the people you'll meet ..." Looking at these tattered suitcases can help but trigger one's imagination. You could write a lovely novel based on a sticker covered suitcase, couldn't you?

Old maps are great too and the bigger the better. Outdated ones are especially interesting to see what they used to call things..... like "Persia" for instance. Vintage classroom maps that pull down from canisters are among our favorites to find. When we opened the shop last march, Jenn had several for sale that looked a lot like these roll down versions shown below.

Here is a chest that is covered with maps.... from the recent Wisteria catalog. I am hoping to find an old chest and do just that with Mod Podge....stay tuned for that in an upcoming "Before and After" blog post! (One more thing to add to the "to do" list of projects.....)

Do you collect something travel related --- like maybe old postcards, maps, luggage or travel diaries? Tell us about what you love! We'd love to hear about them.