Collectible Tortoiseshell

Thursday, February 7, 2013

French Tortoiseshell Etui

English House Tortoiseshell Tea Caddy  England  19th Century  Rare tortoiseshell tea caddy in the shape of a house, inlaid with etched bone. The top is hollow, interlined with velvet. Double tea compartments are covered with tortoiseshell lids having bone knobs (one knob is chipped). Summer Loftin Antiques/1st Dibs

Painting tortoiseshell


comes from the shell 
of the hawksbill  sea turtle, 
an endangered species. 

It was widely used until the 1970's 
in the manufacture of accessories 
such as boxes, frames, jewelry, 
hair clips and combs, 
guitar picks and more.

Tortoiseshell trade was banned in 1973  
internationally under CITES - the Convention 
on International Trade in Endangered Species. 
Since that time, synthetic versions 
have been made to replace 
the natural version. They have come close... 
but can never duplicate the natural beauty,
durability, and its organic warmth against the skin.
The old coveted pieces are highly prized
and very collectible. There are so many 
wonderful pieces to collect.

Do you love tortoiseshell?

Do you own any pieces?

Antique Georgian Faux tortoiseshell Trinket / Jewelry box faux Ivory 1820-30


Souvenir Tortoiseshell Card Case from the Crystal Palace Exhibition, England, c. 1851

Antique French tortoiseshell notepad

Tortoise Shell

Awww..... plastic is good.   :)