Robin -- Our shop mascot!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I wanted to introduce to you all the latest addition to our shop: Robin! She is our official shop mascot and the brainchild of my very creative partner Alison. She bought a dress mannequin on one of our shopping trips but really wasn't quite sure what she was going to do with it. After a little internet research she decided she would decoupage it. Here are the photos of the awesome results! Be sure to look closely at all the amazing detail...
Here is the mannequin at stage one...covered in plastic wrap!

Robin complete and standing in the shop welcoming shoppers!

Handcrafted nest necklace! Look at the ruffled collar!

Corset-styled back with ribbon closure!

Finally a blog...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last Valentine's Day ('09), my friend Alison got a most atypical but amazing gift from her husband: he rented space in an antique store! This was something that Alison had talked about (a lot) and thought about (a lot) for a long, long, long time. Suddenly it all became real! (Whether she was ready or not). 

And this is where I come into the picture. Alison and I were friends and share many of the same passions... antiquing, collecting, junking, repurposing and well really, almost any type of creative pursuit. So one day Alison said, "Do you want to do the antique store space together?" And I thought, of course, and I also thought if I really think about it long enough I will come up with plenty of reasons why this is not a good time to start something like this. Sometimes though, you really just need to do and not to think! So I said "Yes". Just two weeks after we had agreed to be partners, we had a name, were building up inventory and it has been non-stop ever since. 

Now that blue cardinal is almost a year old we are starting our blog to talk about everything this is happening at the shop and in our travels to discover great antiques and vintage finds! I hope you can stop by every now and then to see where we are on our journey...we think it is going to be one great adventure!

Our Shop

We thought a cool before and after would be for you all to look at our shop space before we arrived and since we've arrived. Here is a look at the space before:
A lovely view of the garage door!

First thing we did was cover the wall on the left and pink room divider with burlap!

They used to use the space as storage! There is a skylight which is a great feature especially if it doesn't leak during a big rain!
Now here are a few photos since we have arrived:

Valentine's Day!

A vignette in the Fall

We will be showing tons of photos of our booth as we change it often. Thanks to all the shoppers out there!
Please let us know if you stop by... we would love to know what you think!