CHICAGO's Urban Remains

Saturday, March 22, 2014

If you are in Chicago,
and you are up for antiquing
and treasure hunting ---
make time for 
Urban Remains
just west of the city.

You can start in their showroom
where they have 
some really funky, fun, cool pieces.

But do not miss the WAREHOUSE
(just a few doors to the west)
which is packed from top to bottom
with layers and layers of perfectly
organized architectural artifacts
that have been collected.

Awesome place.
Not to be missed. 
Super friendly and helpful staff.

If you are not in Illinois
but want to see what they have,
they have an amazing website 
if you are trying to track down a specific
item to complete a project.

Highly recommend this spot!

Urban Remains
1850 West Grand Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Look at the organization!
You can FIND things in this place!

Go visit and set aside an hour or two. Lots to see!

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