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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Do you collect antique 
or vintage English oak 


Find this here

This can be found on Etsy

There are so many 
wonderful shapes and versions
of pieces using silver
and English oak. 

Find this here

Find this here

Love the warm patinas and tones 
of the wood against 
the shiny silver metals.


You can find this unusual square version  here

You can almost always 
find pieces like these at 
Blue Cardinal Antiques & Vintage.

Find this here

We just love them --
details can be plain and simple,
or highly ornate.

This biscuit barrel makes a great  ice bucket.

Find this little cutie here

Find this stunning carved British tobacco box here

Do you have any pieces 
like this in your home? 

Tell us about it!

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BeyondtheBlue said...

I love the look of the English Oak & silver pieces and have several in my dining room- an oak tray with a silver gallery & engraved center cartouche, a couple bicuit barrels, and my favorite- a covered butter dish which looks like a very short biscuit barrel. Thank you for this post...these lovely pieces don't get the attention they deserve!

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