Artist in Residence?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Do you have an artist 
in residence at your house
who might be in need of some 
vintage studio furnishings?

If so,
please stop by 
blue cardinal
 soon, ok?

We have a vintage adjustable
drafting table, an adjustable stool,
easels, old paint sets and palettes,
brushes and more! 

We even have four or five
large finished oil paintings
rolled and ready to be stretched
and framed for your walls.

Drop by and take a look,
won't you?

It might even inspire
the inner artist in YOU!

The stool and the table both are adjustable!

Still life setting we put together for the vignette, but there are many other items
in the shop to choose from to create your version of a still life scene.

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Karen Albert said...

Do you mind telling me about your easels and Prices.I am in Kansas City. Thank you so much!

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