Will you be my Valentine?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I  have always wanted to start a collection of vintage Valentines but didn't know where to start. Should I collect from a specific era, should I just collect hearts, should I collect animals? I just didn't know and it seemed like the choices were overwhelming. So I had to narrow it down... I decided to start collecting valentines that seemed like they were written or created just for our family. Here are photos and captions to explain just what I mean:

I love my camera and taking pictures of everything and everyone!

My husband and I have spent so many happy hours together sailing!

We all love playing board games!!

My son is a great drummer and he has blond hair!
My daughter just loves to dance and spends many happy hours
practicing with her dance companies!

My daughter also LOVES her phone!!!

Both my kids love the trampoline!

This one reminded me of my dear husband ...
the ticker tape moves and so do the eyeballs!!

We all have a sweet tooth! Hello Sugar is right!!

So I just feel like these were tailor made for us
and to me that makes a great collection!

How about you? Do you collect Valentines??

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