Junk Bonanza Part 2

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Here are more photos from this great show!
Lots of great industrial junk!

More stuff we love!

So random!

Old naval training signal flag cards---these came home with us!

Another awesome display

Never seen an Edgemont Cracker tin like this!

Incredible world traveler...it is like an I-SPY book... I spy the colander, I spy the subway token, I spy the zipper!

There was an ugly lamp contest...Number 1 was my choice!

My second choice for the ugly lamp contest!

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Susanne said...

Your 'so random' would fit my bill, I'm looking for a Glock as part of my Halloween costume.

The ugly lamp contest, what a hoot! My husband came into our marriage with a lamp very similar to you favorite. Kept him, ditched the lamp.

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