Vintage suitcase, what's your story?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Who held your handle? Where did you go together?

Did you leave the country? Did you travel by plane, train, bus, ship, or maybe automobile?

Did your owner add their initials, a name plate,
or maybe some travel stickers to you?

And what are you made of? How did you close?
Did you have wheels or a celluloid handle?

We love old suitcases in any color, shape or size.

Stacked luggage makes a great side table.
When you have several, stack them in descending order
to create a great vertical column of storage.

In a small amount of space,
they add character and charm.

Stop by Blue Cardinal often as we always have
many different trunks,
suitcases and metal storage boxes for your collection.

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