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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We thought a cool before and after would be for you all to look at our shop space before we arrived and since we've arrived. Here is a look at the space before:
A lovely view of the garage door!

First thing we did was cover the wall on the left and pink room divider with burlap!

They used to use the space as storage! There is a skylight which is a great feature especially if it doesn't leak during a big rain!
Now here are a few photos since we have arrived:

Valentine's Day!

A vignette in the Fall

We will be showing tons of photos of our booth as we change it often. Thanks to all the shoppers out there!
Please let us know if you stop by... we would love to know what you think!


lvroftiques said...

Alison do you still have that painted lampshade? I'm in LOVE with it! *winks* Vanna

Suzanne said...

Absolutely wonderful displays. I'm going to schedule a field trip to visit your shop.

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