Blue Cardinal has changed its name!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


If you are looking for 
Blue Cardinal Vintage & Antiques,
formerly an antique shop 
in Highwood, Illinois,
(or a vendor on Etsy 
or One Kings Lane),
we are still in business,
but we have changed our name!

As of September 1, 2019,
we closed our little shop in
Anna's Warehouse  
and took
 our business online.

Our name has changed 
The Polohouse.

So please come shop with us there 
for all the same kinds of things we had
in our brick and mortar shop.

Find us at: 

Hope to see you there!

Antique English printed stoneware

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Still trying to figure out why
we are so crazy
for these 
little printed
English stoneware 
pots and crocks.

I think
that it probably 
has something to do
with a love for 
the printed word, fonts,
and artful lettering.

These little beauties date back to a time
before there were paper labels.

And though some of them
are printed by transfering
a tissue with wet ink
that had been stamped 
using a copperplate 
(started during the 1820's through the start of WWI),
others even 
have their lettering 
impressed into the stoneware
before it was glazed and fired.

So if you are out shopping
and you run across one of these items --
 be sure to run your fingers
over the printed letters
to determine if they are old
if they are 
really old!

Vintage Christmas Boutique

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Once a year
we participate in a local
holiday boutique 
the first week of December.

Image result for old vintage ornaments

For months and weeks 
leading up to this event,
we are busy little elves 
 scouring local markets and shops
 to find the perfect 
vintage holiday collectibles to sell.

Sometimes it is hard to focus on
Christmas shopping in June or July
 -- but that's usually when you find
the best treasures.

This is a sampling 
of some of the things
that we like to collect:

Image result for knee hugger pixie elves

Image result for putz mica houses

Image result for vintage lot of bottle brush trees

Image result for vintage lot of felt reindeer

What vintage holiday items
do you like to collect?

Image result for holiday vintage linens

Image result for vintage nativity sets

If you are planning to be 
in the Chicago area in early December
and you would like to attend the sale -- 

 link here to find out more!

July Picks New at the Shop

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stop by the shop
to see what's new!

Equine Collectibles

Sunday, May 3, 2015



So many lovely old things 
to collect
if you are 
a horse lover.


*R. C. Merrill* (American Listed Artist) Bronze Horse Head Fine Art Sculpture
Buy this here



Find this HERE

Belmont Stakes Trophy. The August Belmont Memorial Trophy is presented each year to the Belmont Stakes winner.  The horse represented in silver on top is Fenian, the 1869 winner. The three horses supporting the bowl are Herod, Eclipse, and Matchem.

Fifty Shades of Gray

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Welcome to

Fifty Shades of Gray ---

Blue Cardinal Style!


 RARE: Porch Post Corbels

That's it!

Fifty Shades of Gray
or Grey